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The Quality Hot Melt Extrusion Pump

Hot melt extrusion pump is the process of applying heat and pressure to melt a polymer and force it though an orifice in a continuous process. 
The  Quality Hot Melt Extrusion Pump
Batte Hot Melt Extrusion Pump Features:
1.Extrusion pump developed to produce polymer products of uniform shape and density.
2.Lower melting temperatures and extends the pump extruder's lifetime.
Batte Hot Melt Extrusion Pump Applications:

1.Extrusion pumps used in chemical fiber, spinning and chemical engineering.
2.Applicable in plastic products including bags, films,sheets, tubes, fibers, foams, the health-care,medical devices.

As a professional extrusion pump manufacturers in china,Batte supply you 
the quality hot melt extrusion pump.And the price will be the most affordable.

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