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Gear Pump For Extrusion

Extrusion pump for dosing and applying benefits of gear pump assisted extrusion, especially in single screw applications.Gear pump for extrusion are available for conveying plastic,rubber and fiber. 

Gear Pump For Extrusion
Gear Pump For Extrusion Models:
  1. Standard gear pump(ZB-B)
  2. Strenqthened gear pump(ZB-C)
  3. Pipe melt pump(ZB-D)
  4. Rubber Extruder gear pump(ZB-R)
  5. Micro gear pump(ZB-E)
  6. High Temperature & high pressure gear pump(ZB-H)
The extrusion pump has been used in rubber processing for over 100 years. The extruder screw pump and extrusion systems have been designed and rigorously tested to perform perfect suctioning of highly viscous products.

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