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Volumetric Pumps Extrusion

Volumetric pumps extrusion are meter polymer through a set of intermeshing gears continuously improve product performance and quality, maintain the good situation in export.
Volumetric Pumps Extrusion

Volumetric Pumps Extrusion Application:
1.PVB Film Extrusion Line.It is widely used for interlayer of construction glass,
automobile, Solar photovoltaic glass, bullet-proof glass, sound proof glass, etc. Features high safety, sound proof.
2.High Speed Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel Extrusion Line.It is widely used for construction wall, outer door decoration as well as
advertising and inner door decoration.
Batte also supply extrusion gear pump,metering gear pump,rubber gear pump,Which are simplifying the process of extrusion products, shorten the production cycle to achieve energy saving.

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