Gear pump sealing methods
Gear pump sealing is extrusion gear pumps course extremely important aspect in the use of gear pumps of different materials. Gear pump sealing methods also have some differences. How do we seal gear pump, below Batte melt gear pump company will take you to find the gear pump sealing related issues.
First sealing meanings: Gear pump sealing prevent media leaks from the working gear pumps out, external impurities, air intrusion into the internal gear pump means. Measures referred sealing medium to be sealed generally is liquid, gas or dust.
Gear pump sealing methods
Gear pump sealing species:
One is static sealing, another is dynamic sealing. There are usually static sealing gasket sealing, O-ring sealing, threaded close.
Gear pump for extrusion sealing mainly is static sealing gasket seal. Low temperatures and pressures are generally used in non-metallic gasket. High pressure and high temperature generally select non-metallic and metal combination gasket. If non-metallic gasket on the gear pump is most common application, The material is generally paper, rubber and PTFE.  When the temperature does not exceed 120 ℃, less pressure 1.0Mpa, generally used in Shell Green Paper or die paper gasket. If transport medium is oil, the temperature at -30 ~ 110 ℃, the generally used anti-aging properties of NBR better. When the transmission medium at -50 ~ 200 ℃, the choice of the fluorine rubber is more appropriate. Because in addition to oil heat, the mechanical strength is also its main features. In the chemical gear pump, since the transmission medium is corrosive, it is generally used as a PTFE gasket material.
The main dynamic sealing packing sealing, oil sealing, mechanical sealing. The filler is mainly graphite packing sealing, sealing is a graphite sealing, mechanical sealing dynamic, static ring, skeleton and spring. The three best mechanical sealing methods is high price but good sealing performance and long service life. The sealing and packing price is relatively low but some poor sealing effect. Mechanical sealing seal face machining demanding, and in order to make the seal face between maintaining the necessary lubricating film must be made strictly cavity end face of the pressure per unit area. Because he pressure is too large so it is difficult to form a stable lubricating film. This will accelerate the end face wear and pressure is too small to increase the amount of leakage.
Therefore, to obtain a good seal performance and a sufficient life in the design and installation of mechanical seals, we must ensure that the end face of pressure per unit area value in the most appropriate range.

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