batte melt pump

Melt pump extrosion becomes crucial, in-cluding preheating

 Batte extrusion melt pump involves much lower shear than normal.  Feedback control is used to maintain proper head by screw and/or feed control.  The reduced output-stability requirements permit the system to be used on equipment with somewhat worn screws and barrels.
Melt pump extrosion  becomes crucial, in-cluding preheating of the resin.
the precautions in useing of extrosion melt pump
In order to prevent the pump's drive shaft from being driven/pushed out of the housing when there is a high pressure on the suction side (extruder conveying pressure), the drive shaft must be relieved. It protrudes from both sides of the housing and is sealed, so that atmospheric pressure predominates on both sides of the drive shaft. The shaft is thus relieved.
1.Extrusion is a method by which molten plastic or any other material is pushed through a two-dimensional die opening.
2.The injection molding process is basically based on the molten die-casting method.
8.It can be formed into any shape using the extrusion method. 
9.In injection molding there is only minimal waste as the scrap can be recycled again.

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