batte melt pump

Cautions for Safe Operation of Melt Pump

The melt pump is installed at room temperature and operates at high temperature. Therefore, the influence of heat medium pipeline and thermal expansion of pump body on the normal operation of the pump must be considered to avoid increasing the additional moment of rotation of the pump shaft. When the temperature of the pump body of the melt pump rises, the coupling must be installed after the hot alignment of the shaft, so as to avoid the uneven force on the driving shaft during operation, thus causing uneven wear and tear on the surface of the journal. The pressure side point of the outlet pipeline of the melt pump and the motor must set up a chain stop alarm. Once the outlet pipeline is blocked, the melt pump will stop in time, otherwise the pump body will be easily damaged. The melt viscosity has a decisive influence on the load-carrying capacity. In the process of operation, we should always pay attention to the change of melt viscosity and speed control.

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