batte melt pump

Inspection of Melt Metering Gear Pump before Start-up

1. Check the parts connected with the pump at the inlet and outlet to ensure that the valve at the outlet is open.

2. Whether all bolts are locked according to the torque in Schedule 2

3. Are all heat pipes properly connected to pumps?

4. Relevant Sealing Fluid System: Is the Sealing Fluid Pipeline Connected Correctly? Is Silicone Oil Adding?

5. Is the pressure bolt in the regulating seal chamber in the correct position? The second calibration line on the regulating pressure should be level with the pump body.

6. Is the bolt on the end cap of the sealing system tightened? Note that the gap between the cap and the sealing body is 9mm.

7. Are all temperature and pressure sensorscontrollersalarm devicesrecording instruments installed correctly?

8. Installation of Safety Cover

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