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The new extrusion pump 2015

  The new extrusion pump

  It produced a new type of extremely robust and can be applied in many aspects magnetic coupling extrusion pump through the DLC sliding bearings and precision stainless steel extrusion combined pump structural parts. It is Gather the company launched the latest generation of process pumps for the process industry in the liquid ingredients. For many years, the process plant designers have been trusted with a ceramic bearing pump. The reason is obvious.

  The pump may have a long life.

  And the amount of maintenance required is small. But some liquid, due to its physical properties, can not be achieved in the use of ceramic long life: This is a non-liquid lubricating fluid. Gather process pumps with carbon or plastic sliding bearings proved particularly suitable for use in the chemical industry in this regard. The magnetic coupling pump is particularly suitable for transporting hot extrusion solvents, acids, bases, water, aqueous solutions, saline solutions and other non-lubricating fluid. Because of this reason.

  This type of pump is a long time in various industrial sectors as a process pump successfully use: for example, it is in the chemical and process industry as organic feed pumps, circulating pumps and discharge pumps in separate columns, reactors and using an evaporator. Since the structure of this pump can take a variety of different materials, it can be used even at temperatures up to 300 ℃ and a system pressure of 300bar. In addition, it can be on the laboratory, pilot plant or small device for quantitative acids, bases, solvents, and other aqueous solutions feed pumps. Specialty chemicals or chemical polymer extrusion pump using extruder feed additives. The pump used in the pharmaceutical industry were prepared in culture medium. In this application the pump can even "online" in the process of sterilization with steam. In waste incineration unit as ammonia or urea dosing pump for direct addition to nitrogen. In the water it used for conveying water, caustic soda and chlorine bleach solution. The reason why this extrusion pump have a longer life and partly because over the years by the chemical industry to communicate.

  Suitable materials can be selected for a variety of specific applications, on the other hand due to the high precision of the various structural parts of internal friction to obtain particularly small excellent running performance. In order to transport low-viscosity viscosity 0.1 mPa s (equivalent of methane) and 0.6 mPa s (equivalent toluene) between the liquid reaches a higher temperature, and pressure to obtain longer life, developed a new type of DLC sliding bearings. For the past due to the corrosive chemical substances, but only with PTFE (Teflon) as a bearing material which limits the application of the pump at the pressure and temperature, which is especially meaningful. Solid Bond Simply put, the DLC sliding bearing is a DLC coating on a hardened shaft sleeves of stainless steel. DLC coating is a carbon layer and the carrier material (stainless steel) are strongly bonded. This structure compared to the advantages of ceramics and can be summarized as follows: polished stainless steel surface can be much smoother than the ceramic surface, it can significantly reduce the friction in the pump. Firmly bonded DLC coating does not chemically decompose, will not crack peel, having good sliding properties and at the time of non-contact with the lubricating liquid.

  This is the ceramics do not have. DLC coatings are particularly good chemical resistance. For the application on the pump, only stainless steel and chemical resistance of the sealing material can match. Sudden temperature changes do not cause harm, this is particularly important in the application for 300 ℃ of. Ceramic sudden changes in temperature may break. And ceramics compared, DLC coating cheaper, because it is the standard stainless steel shaft and stainless steel sleeve coat quenched. Changes do not need expensive tools and structures. If the extrusion pump sliding layer of hardened layer or material is abrasive, and bearing in the gap will be enormous.

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