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How to improve product quality extrusion pump?

  How to improve product quality extrusion pump

  At present, the domestic lack extrusion pump testing instruments and equipment, resulting national annual output of 20 million units out of the box of the lack of reliable quality pump test data. To completely change out the pump industry intrinsic quality parts backwardness, experts say, must pay attention to and strengthen the development of test instruments and equipment.

  At present, out of the pump industry only about 300 out of pump manufacturing plant has a basic instrument supporting the metering chamber, CMM total of about 200 units, and most of them imported from abroad; various types (mechanical, optical, NC) extrusion pump measuring instruments more than 1,000 units, which pumps out 30 sets of measuring center, assembly testing equipment, worm gear tester of about 10 units, gearbox and drive axle test bed test bed is not more than 50; roundness , length measurement, optical dividing head, roughness, projectors, universal tool and other types of measuring instruments more than 500 sets. The rest, about 200 out of pump manufacturing plant barely precision measuring instruments, some companies in addition to universal measuring tool, but not a measuring instrument.

  Experts point out that, in order to further improve the extrusion pump industry product quality and competitiveness, should be equipped with appropriate types of sophisticated testing equipment as soon as possible. In the coming years, and medium-sized enterprises should be equipped with extrusion pump coordinate measuring machine, extrusion pump measurement center and other precision measuring instruments and measuring room equipped with a complete center, small enterprises should also be equipped with necessary precision measuring instruments.

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