batte melt pump

Booster metering pump(ZB-F)

Booster metering pump is used for transportation, pressurization or the metering of the Metering extrusion pump and high viscosity polymer melt pump.Metering extrusion pump for reaction kettle is mainly used for transporting medium or high viscosity melt out of the vacuum reaction kettle.Batte metering pump extruder molten material displacement can be precisely controlled by the speed of the pump.

Pipeline extrusion melt pump(ZB-D)

ZB-D series pipeline extrusion melt pump also called pipeline melt pump for extrusion. Batte pipeline extrusion pump is single stage single suction centrifugal pump with vertical structure, the extrusion melt pump import and export in the same straight line and the same caliber and shaft centerline orthogonal for vertical pumps.

Rubber extrusion pump(ZB-R)

Rubber pump extruder is also named as rubber extrusion pump or extrusion pump for rubber, is the use of friction and shear forces between the rubber and the inner wall of the cylinder, so that the compound softens, while pressurized and extruded through a compound of the constant pressure type extruder.

Biaxial driver extrusion melt pump(RS)

Biaxial driver extrusion melt pump can effectively enhance the power, stable output, it is important to reduce the wear between gears. Double shaft extrusion pump is driven ZB-B series extended version. The extrusion melt pump mainly used for pressurized and stable flow extruder or high viscosity of the polymer delivery.

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