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  extrusion pump in particular to a gear pump having acid functional wear. The utility model in accordance with the design provided by the installation of the drive shaft and the driven shaft in the housing, the drive shaft is located within the housing section of the mounting gear, the gear and the gear is installed in the driven shaft to form a gear pair, Set import and export of materials in the housing, wherein: the cavity inner wall of the housing accommodating the gear pair set ceramic plate. This device by changing the structure of the gear pump to increase gear pump acid and abrasion resistance.

  It is mainly used in washing, spraying and other processes small flow and high head of water systems, such as drinking water supply systems, pressure boiler water systems, high purity water purification systems as well as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, paper and other industries.

  extrusion pump gear common with straight teeth, helical, herringbone gear, helical gear, tooth profile mainly involute and circular patterns. Typically small gear pump more involute spur gears, high temperature gear pump often used modified gear, transport of high viscosity, high pressure polymer melt melt pump more involute helical gear. Gear integrally formed with the shaft, its rigidity and higher reliability than a single gear and shaft manufacturing gear pumps. Foreign low-pressure gear pump gear, often with a square structure, namely the gear tooth width equal to the diameter of addendum circle. The high-pressure high-viscosity gear pump occasions tooth width smaller than the diameter of the addendum circle, which is radially compressed in order to reduce the area of ​​the gear, reducing gears, bearings load. extrusion pump is a new type of transmission fluid machinery, has a simple structure, safe, reliable, easy maintenance, a fluid continuous and uniform, and stable pressure.

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