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extrusion pump of the working condition(Next)

  extrusion pump of the working condition(Next)

  4, the extrusion pump test, it should start low, check the rotation direction is correct; it must be stationary when starting the fan speed and then start to prevent high-speed reverse rotation, causing the switch trips and motor damage.

  5, extrusion pump up to speed, the fan should be measured input current is normal. extrusion pump running current can not exceed the rated current. If the operating current exceeds the rated current, should check the supply voltage is normal.

  6, extrusion pump motor power required is defined as the condition of the extrusion pump and wind chassis, the required high power inlet fully open. If the inlet operated fully open, there is risk of damage the motor. When the fan is to test the fan inlet or outlet valve on the pipeline closed, will gradually open the valve operation, until the desired working conditions, and pay attention to the fan operating current exceeds the rated current.

  In strict accordance with the above extrusion pump debug mode debugging, allowing extrusion pump efficiency over 98%.

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