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Extruder dedicated pump cases and applications

  Extruder dedicated pump cases and applications

  extruder dedicated pump cases:

  1. water, hot water, heat transfer and other media cycle

  2. The mold temperature equipment, die-casting mold temperature, oil heaters, washing machines, ironing machines and steam generators and other machinery and equipment

  3. The fuel delivery, oily liquid, low viscosity liquids such as light oil

  4. steam boilers, steam generators and other small flow of high-pressure water

  Extruder for pumps main application areas:

  ● vacuum filtration (chemical filtration plant, chemical processing plants, iron ore plant, mining, phosphate fertilizer plant, paper mill, poultry processing plants, coal preparation plant)

  ● vacuum distillation (milk plants, food plants, chemical plants, pulp mills, food factories)

  ● Vacuum disinfection (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, other sterile environment)

  ● extrusion (plastic industry)

  ● impregnation (food processing, wood processing, textile mills, plywood plant, wire rod manufacturing, etc.)

  ● molding (plastics, polyethylene, rubber, tires and other manufacturing)

  ● degassing liquids (food processing, water softening, the bottling plant)

  ● compressed air regeneration (pulp, iron and steel, automobile, glass, chemicals)

  ● food processing (milk plants, food processing)

  ● vapor recovery (distillation, loading and unloading station)

  ● pump water (waterworks)

  ● condenser water tank (power plant)

  ● Drying (chemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing)

  ● Wood treatment / drying

  ● pharmaceutical / laboratory vacuum

  ● solvent recovery

  ● soil decontamination

  ● vacuum packaging

  ● extraction

  ● tanning

  ● Canned

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