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  Business goals:
  The melt pump to create a foothold in China for centuries Bart
  Corporate purposes:
  Sharing success with our customers and employees to create value for shareholders of common development and social progress
  Corporate motto:
  With military-like discipline strict corporate governance motherly warmth to treat employees
  Corporate image:
  A good tough fight team, a warm and reliable family, a personnel training school core values: Outlook on Development along the tide; the business concept to industry serve the country; the image of both the profit outlook handouts; tree cost-conscious management concept, a century-old business concept.
  The spirit of enterprise:
  First, the pioneers, the courage to reform mental challenges;
  Second, perseverance and dedication, spirit of hard work assiduously;
  Third, perseverance, indomitable fighting spirit;
  Fourth, Angie ground line, the pioneering spirit of continuous learning;
  Fifth, the talent, professionalism and emphasis on technology;
  Six rigorous system, pay close attention to the management of pragmatism;
  Seven, justice and benefit both, contribute to the community spirit of glory;
  Eight, respect for science, never complacent spirit of innovation;
  Nine, the flow moving, advancing with the spirit of the times;
  Ten, inclusive, be tolerant to diversity and inclusive spirit;
  XI, seeking the same sum, unite solidarity;
  Twelve, explore life, the pursuit of an ideal spiritual cause.
  Eight boutique culture:
  Discipline spiritual leader; sound management style; strong entrepreneurial passion; open career mind; continuous learning attitude; team management style; cautious and pragmatic quality; pursuit of innovation and pioneering.

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