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How to improve the working performance of the gear pump?

  The development direction of the high - pressure gear pump is to improve the working pressure, reduce the leakage, improve the volume efficiency, reduce the pulsation and reduce the noise.. So as to produce high - pressure gear pump. Increasing the working pressure, reduce the leakage loss measures are take the gear radial and end clearance compensation, minimize gear radial unbalanced force. Improve the bearing capacity, such as the use of a dynamic pressure bearing and improve wear parts to increase the working life.
  In the aspect of reducing noise and improving working balance, besides improving the accuracy of manufacturing, it can also take measures from the following aspects:
  1. increase the number of gear teeth or teeth number ratio (internal meshing high pressure gear pump).
  2. with a parallel structure, the two pulse peak stagger.
  3. the new tooth profile, such as helical, herringbone gear, cycloid gear.

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