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How extrusion pump troubleshooting it?

  How extrusion pump troubleshooting it?

  extrusion pump at work will encounter many of the causes of failure of such failures are also each have their own different. Zhengzhou Bart melt pump Co., Ltd. will share your extrusion pump for many years experience in production of exclusion:

  1, the guide wire should be able to simultaneously stretch the upper and lower sleeve toward the direction of rotation of the driven gear to reverse a slight angle, so that the main driven gear machining plane two bushings tight fit;

  2, unloading groove on the low pressure chamber side of the sleeve must be installed to eliminate harmful dead volume when closing gear;

  3, before pressing into the self-tight seal, the surface should be coated with oil, but also pay attention to the resistance of the oil toward the front edge of the lid, can not hold against;

  4, "right-handed" pump can not be installed on the "L" machine, otherwise washed out skeleton Seal;

  5, before loading the pump cover, the pump housing shall pour a small amount of oil, and hand turn the gear;

  6, season to add or replace grades of oil to meet the requirements of the provisions of the oil surface. Remove the tubing foreign body, tighten the bolt or nut joints

  7, replacement of aging or damaged oil seal or "O" ring seal gasket;

  8. Replace worn extrusion pump or pump bushings, wear light when flat end mill will be smooth. Its flatness tolerance 0.03mm; lower than the upper end surface of the sleeve casing plane (normal less than 2.5 ~ 2.6mm), such as ultra-poor should be at the hub plus 0.1 ~ 0.2mm copper to compensate, the installation of the It should be put into the sets of rear axle;

  9, unloading film and sealing rings must put into the oil chamber, two sleeves in order to maintain balance. Unloading piece seal ring should have 0.5mm preload amount;

  10, before the oil pump cover is not installed Tighten bolts, check the clearance between the pump cover and pump body, whether between 0.3 to 0.6mm, if the gap is too small, you should replace the big ring and relief items. Hydraulic pump installed, should be flexible rotation without catching phenomenon.

  This is what we must follow when using the extrusion pump the above principles.

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