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Extrusion pump often problems and troubleshooting

  Extrusion pump often problems and troubleshooting

  Extrusion pump is a positive displacement pump by two gears, pump and front cover consisting of two enclosed space, when the gears, gear disengagement side volume grew larger space, creating a vacuum, liquid inhalation, volume gear side of the space from big to small, and squeeze the liquid line to go. Suction chamber and discharge chamber is by engaging line to separate the two gears.

  Extrusion pump often problems and troubleshooting are as follows:

  A, ZB-type extrusion pump oil reasons too: drain pipe or filter clogged; safety valve spring too tight.

  Remedy: clean the oil and filter, remove obstruction; adjust the spring tension to make it appropriate.

  Two, ZB-type extrusion pressure pump to express requirements (pressure gauge can not read the number) is less than the required reasons are: the wrong direction of rotation; gauge is bad.

  Remedy: change of direction, change the gauge type.

  Third, the reason out of the pump oil spills are: string moving large gap; anti-loaded back to the hole; the drive shaft steel sleeve large gap.

  Remedy: Adjust the gap to 0.04 ~ 0.05mm; reassembled; adjust copper sleeve gap.

  Four, ZB-type extrusion pump discharge oil is not enough time to play to the maximum pressure is still no oil causes are: hydraulic pumps

  The gap is too large, the gear end and the bearing clearance is too large; the suction pipe or filter blockage, resulting in oil absorption difficulties; speed is not enough, the oil temperature is too low; gear wear. The approach taken excluded: Check and adjust the clearance of the hydraulic pump, such as a small gap, you can adjust the pad of paper, such as the difference is too large (greater than 0.05mm), the housing can be rubbed off a certain thickness, or the sleeve chrome; check the oil, clean the filter, replace copper wire cloth; increase speed; the oil is heated to 35 ~ 50 ℃; replace gear.

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