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Asian control valve market development prospects

  Asian control valve market development prospects

  Developing economies such as China and India are control valves, actuators and positioners (CVAP) the main growth engine of the Asian market. These countries are also expected to drive the control valve shipments of Asian growth. China and India are in the process industry to attract large-scale investment, control valve suppliers offer a great opportunity.

  According to the latest ARC "control valves, actuators, positioners, China Market Research Report", China's overall control valve market will continue to maintain good growth momentum to 2017. Chemical, electric power and oil and gas control valve in the three major sectors of the domestic application. Iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum and other industry segments due to overcapacity and bring disaster to the control valve market, resulting in weak demand, coal chemical industry, air separation and LNG applications market is the sudden emergence of good performance.

  The report said China's economic boom are becoming flat, steady recovery to sustainable growth levels. In 2012, the overall control valve market growth largely benefited from small projects, large projects slowed down significantly. In addition to the new project-driven control valve market outside the service market for the control valve suppliers to provide a large number of market opportunities. At the same time with respect to 2011, services accounted for the overall proportion control valve market's rapid growth.

  On the other hand, foreign companies still dominate China's control valve market, Emerson (Emerson), tooling (NihonKoso) and Flowserve Flow (Flowserve) is 2012 in the country ranked the top three leading control valve manufacturers, but they also face the local Chinese control valve suppliers are fierce competition, including Wuzhong Instrument, Sichuan-Chongqing and Shanghai Automation Instrumentation other manufacturers. In the past 2012 years, these local suppliers are constantly expanding their market territory, and obtain a higher market share.

  ARC senior analyst Cao Wei, general manager of China analysis, to increase control valve market, application and development of digital technologies will become one of the main drivers of the market growth during the forecast period. Rapidly falling prices, while customers seeking major resistance better product quality and better performance are the inhibition of this growth.

  Asia is not only a good demand-driven market, but also an excellent manufacturing base to serve global control valve market. Although the Asian market is full of opportunities, supplier strategy is the ultimate help businesses get the key to victory. Suppliers must understand the market segments, combined with the overall business goals to find the latest opportunities to develop growth strategies.

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