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Failure Analysis of High Temperature Melt Pump Seal

Flushing and cooling are important steps to prolong the sealing life of high temperature melt pump. On the one hand, flushing can reduce the friction heat, stirring heat, reduce the temperature of the sealing end surface, and ensure the stability of the fluid film on the friction surface. On the other hand, it can prevent the accumulation of impurities in the sealing cavity of high temperature melt pump and ensure the bellows. Good performance. Cooling can indirectly take away heat. In view of the characteristics of high temperature, the medium is above 340'C, and the viscosity is high. Sealing coking is an inevitable phenomenon.

The serious coking results in the failure of bellows compensation and the leakage of medium. Hot cracking of cemented carbide occurs at local high temperature. The improper type of medium, flushing method and flow rate in sealing cooling and flushing system may cause hot cracking of sealing end face. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the washing and cooling links to improve the operating environment of high temperature melt gear pump seal.

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