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Solution of Bidirectional Axial Sealing Compensation Gear Pump

The requirement of hydraulic melt gear pump for its axial seal is very high. Otherwise, the efficiency of the melt gear pump will be reduced or even can not play the role of the pump. At present, the domestic manufacturers of melt gear pump provide better axial seal for melt gear pump by installing side plates on both sides of the gear, which improves the axial seal. However, the shortcomings of the existing technology are that the side plates only have one-way axial seal compensation measures, so that the melt gear pump can only work in one direction and can not work in both directions. Gear pump can not be reversed into a two-way working hydraulic motor.

Batte melt gear pump manufacturer provides two-way shaft seal compensation gear pump, which is a kind of gear pump with two-way axial seal compensation device. In view of the shortcomings of the existing technology, a technical scheme of gear pump with two-way axial seal compensation device is provided. This scheme can increase the compensation function of two-way axial seal for gear pump, ensure the axial seal of gear pump in the working process, and make the melt gear pump turn from one-way operation to two-way rotation to realize two-way operation. In this way, the reverse operation of the melt gear pump can be changed into a hydraulic motor to realize the universal use of the pump and motor.

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