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6 characteristics and precautions for use of melt metering pump

6 characteristics and precautions of melt pump (metering pump)

1, in the process of conveying medium, zero leakage is achieved.

2, the BART melt pump head part does not need any cooling device, will not produce high temperature phenomenon.

3. The highest working pressure can reach 40MPa.

4. The one-way valve of melt pump (metering pump) adopts flat valve, which solves the stuck phenomenon of one-way valve under high pressure.

5, the replacement period of vulnerable parts (diaphragm, plunger seal packing) is not less than one year.

6. Easy operation and less maintenance workload.

When using the melt pump (metering pump), the stroke positioning motor often burns out.

How to deal with this phenomenon requires three points.

1. Remove the four screws on the back of the metering pump.

2. Check whether the discharge pipe is installed and closed effectively. When measuring the drainage of the pump, it needs to be excreted.

3. Install the diaphragm and pump head in turn to ensure that the suction valve is aligned with the leakage discharge hole and the hydraulic end screw is aligned with the corresponding four holes.

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