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Prolong service life of polyester melt gear pump

Melt gear pump is an essential equipment for polyester melt conveying and metering. Compared with other types of melt pump, gear pump has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric efficiency, less shear effect on melt, the most stable flow at high viscosity and high pressure, and no outlet pressure fluctuation. The unique advantages of the pump and its key role in the process flow make it play an irreplaceable role in the production of polyvinegar. The following details introduce how to extend the service life of polyester melt gear pump effectively.

1. Because the pump body of the polyester melt gear pump runs at high temperature, the hinge support should be installed on the piping during cold installation to prevent the piping displacement after heating up.

2. The U-shaped coupling must be hot-aligned after the pump body is heated to avoid additional torque due to thermal deformation during operation.

3. Pump outlet pressure measuring point of melt gear pump should be interlocked to stop and replace, otherwise, once the discharge pipe is blocked, it is easy to cause damage to the pump body.

4. When the melt pump starts, it is not necessary to increase the speed blindly when there is no pressure at the outlet to prevent premature damage to the shaft or bearing.

5. The temperature of the heat medium jacket of the pump body can be slightly lower than the heat medium temperature of the front and rear clamping sleeves. Because the viscosity of the melt decreases with the shear rate, the extrusion of the gear and the shear of the bearing will raise the melt temperature by 3-5 degrees Celsius after the pump. Reducing the temperature of the heat medium can prevent the melt from degrading. The data show that the bearing capacity can be greatly increased by reducing the temperature of the bearing area, and the output capacity of the gear pump can be increased by 50% only by increasing the rotational speed without replacing the pump with large capacity.

6. Speed increase should be carried out slowly. Do not make the pressure rise sharply before and after, in order to avoid damaging the bearing or blocking the lubrication channel with melt. 7. The melt filter behind the pump outlet should be switched over periodically, and should not be operated at high pressure or even pressure upper limit for a long time. 8. In case of power failure or interruption of heat medium circulation for more than 30 minutes, the pump should be disassembled and cleaned and reassembled to avoid damage to the pump caused by poor lubrication of bearings caused by melt solidification and cracking. We are a professional melt pump manufacturer, providing melt pump equipment including: ZB-F oil heating kettle bottom pump, ZB series dual-shaft drive melt pump, external lubrication melt pump, etc.

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