batte melt pump

extrusion dies to die

extrusion dies to die Key Specifications/Special Features:

extrusion dies to die Characters :the extrusion dies to die with various structure types are widely used in production all kinds of plastic sheet and plates,such as plastic PP、PS、PE、HIPS、PC、PMMA、ABS、PET、EVA、TPU、PETG、APET、LDPE、HDPE、PVC single and multi-layer sheet or plates etc;PE battery isolation board;PP+starch degradation sheet;Waterproof sheet;Micro foaming sheet,etc.

extrusion dies to die Application:Products are widely used in various packaging; stationery, printing,pharmaceutical,building,decoration,advertising, transportation , industrial applications and so on.

For any extrusion die manufacturer, good die design is a major factor in ensuring extrusion dies will always produce a quality final product. Batte melt flow across the die ensures uniform exit velocity and output consistency. Expert die design achieves this uniformity in a continuous fashion with minimal pressure drop.

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