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Specializing In The Production Of Extrusion Gear Pump

Specializing In The Production Of Extrusion Gear Pump

Extrusion gear pumps is maily used in high temperature and high vidcosity polymer melt transportation,pressurization metering.The high temperature melt pump pressurizes and stabilizes pressure of hot melt polymers coming from the ecturder,then send into extruder pump dies.A pump can help you optimize your process so that your extrusion line achieves the highest possible quality and throughput.Batte extrusion pumps for chemical,food and polymeridation applixations.
extrusion gear pump
  Extrusion  melt pump belong to positive displacement gear pump,adopt a pair of external gearing cylindrical gears(straight gear,helical gear,herringbone gear)with relative turning to deliver high viscosity fluid.All gears and fitting surfaces are accurate grinded,and obtain precision flow by controlling the assembling clearance strictly.Gear and pump body varies to different materials.Can fall into the folling categories:ZB-B series,ZB-C series,ZB-H series,ZB-E series.

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